Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will This Take?

Typical kitchen remodels take between 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer, depending on the scope of work, and how custom the cabinetry is. Bathrooms can be completed in as little as 2-3 weeks, and again, it depends on the scope of the bathroom remodel. Some customers just want to replace the toilet, tub and vanity. Others want radiant heated floors, air tubs, and tiled shower enclosures. We go over the expected schedule with each customer before we start.

Will You Be Here Every Day?

We are usually there every day, once we being your project. There are times when we may leave the job site, and that is usually when the plumber or electrician has some significant work that needs to get done, and it is neither helpful nor productive for us to stand there and watch them work. But whether we are there everyday or not, we keep a close eye on the work in progress, and make sure that job is being done right. We demand a clean job site!

Who Does the Work?

We do the work: everything from demolition, tear out, removal and disposal to installation of hardwood flooring, tile, cabinetry, hardware, etc. we are the labor force. We enjoy what we do, and our expertise shows in every project that we do. We take pride in making the customer happy, and making their vision a reality.

Do You Use Subcontractors?

We do use subcontractors. We use licensed and insured electricians and plumbers, and we also use other subcontractors when necessary, like excavators, surveyors, framers, painters, HVAC professionals, roofers, siders, and stone masons. We like to pull in the experts, because we know that this is what they do best, and we want project to reflect that quality.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?

We do not accept credit cards. They increase the cost of the job significantly, and we feel that the customer is interested in keeping costs low, so we generally accept payment by check.

How Do the Payments Work?

Every proposal we do states what the deposit is required to get started, and when the balance is due. On larger jobs, we create a payment schedule that shows what payment is expected at certain phases of the project. This is usually provided when the project starts, so that everyone is on the same page and there are no surprises.

Where is Your Business Located?

We currently use a woodworking shop in Candia for all the custom woodworking that we do, whether it’s building cabinets, creating built-ins, or fabricating doors and drawers. Kathleen has an office in her home, where she does all the bookkeeping, sales & marketing materials, and company documentation. We do not have a showroom, because it was important to us to keep our overhead low, and pass these savings on to the customer.